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"Muddy River"

January 29th! 


Welcome to Purgatory

One Year, 12 singles

12 songs written in the gray space of life where things aren't terrible, but you aren't where you want to be. Social media is annoying, online dating is impossible and your mom is still asking you when you're gonna have babies. 

Yep. Those songs. 

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It would be so easy to go along with the social media version of my life and pretend everything is great and an adventure all the time! But MAN, sometimes it's a struggle. Lately I find myself wandering in the space of "I haven't done enough in my life", " I wish I would have started sooner" or just the general feeling of maybe I fell one too many times. BUT, while all those are valid FEELINGS, they are not FACTS. Read my latest blog post on pursuing your dreams and dealing with regret.